Flatwater Training Sculls

Recreational training sculls for fitness form and tripping

Flatwater Training Sculls


Mission Rowing has two models designed by Skip Izon, Grand Bend Ontario, Canada. Skip’s design history includes various Skiffs, Canoes, Trimarans, and Ice Racers and naturally Olympic caliber Racing Shells.

Flatwater Training Sculls can be used by competitive athletes to train in less than ideal conditions they wouldn’t consider Rowing with a Racing Shell.

Adventurers can take advantage of the Canoe style open hull with capacity for gear and make an overnighter out of their Row.

In its simplest form the Scull can be dockside at the Cottage or a club for Recreation, Teaching or Fitness Sculling.

The nature of construction lends to ease of Car topping, accomplished similarly to transporting a Canoe. If you’re not on water you can take your scull to it easily.

With a stable, wide platform they are easily entered and exited, maintenance free and simply rigged. All components are race caliber for performance and longevity.

Flatwater Specifications



Width WL

Max Width

Max Displ.

T6 19'6" 22" 24" 400 lbs
2020 20' 20" 22" 400 lbs